Welcome to the IBC Flag Football League!  We’re looking forward to another great year of clean, competitive flag football.  This blog will provide you with all the updated information you need to know.  We welcome your comments and suggestions on this blog.  Early each week, we will provide a recap of the previous weekends games and a preview of the upcoming games.  Later in the week, we’ll provide an update regarding the weekends games.  This update will provide any last minute information, to include weather report and any possible cancellations.  Check back often, as we’ll be frequently updating the blog with information.

Background and Purpose

The league was created in 2003 and originally consisted of 6 teams.  Now in it’s 9th year, the league has grown to 8 quality teams representing churches from around the area.  The IBC Flag Football League is about more than just competition. Like the IBC Men’s Basketball League, it provides an opportunity for the men of IBC to fellowship with one another, build friendships with men from other area churches, and to share their faith in Jesus Christ with friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Each game will begin with prayer, as we thank the Lord for blessing us with the opportunity to fellowship with one another, engage in friendly competition, and share Him boldly with others.

If you ever have any questions or problems, you can always contact DJ Bryant at Douglas Bryant dougjbryant(at)verizon.net


4 Responses

  1. Is there a spring IBC league in the works?

  2. would like to know if your team or any team from your league would like to join our league visit our web site

  3. Is there a spring IBC league and is anyone looking to pickup a player (me) ? I have played in the league for about 3 yrs at least now and I think my team is breaking up, but I love the game!

  4. Is this for members of area churches only?

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